Splügenpass - Border between Switzerland and Italy, August 2016On two wheels (Op twee wielen). Just turning the pedals around and some steering here and there. That's it. Is there a more beautiful way to explore the world? You determine the distance and speed. You feel, taste, smell, see and hear nature and culture around you.

My ideal way to spend a vacation. Gain physical strength en relax mentally. Maximum enjoyment.

The more serious travels by bicycle I started on my own in 2007. In 2010 Mr. Right came riding in my life literally and since then we travel together. On this website you'll find stories/reports, photos and maps of our route about these travels. It's meant to inspire others and to supply information. Don't hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me with questions.

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logo olavsleden2019 On two wheel with King Olav

On Tuesday, June 18 I’ll head north by car with bicycle for a solo bicycle trip.
Because it will be a while before we’ll be going to South-Korea and Japan (Autumn), I had set my mind to a short solo cycling holiday. But something else crossed my path and for this one I’ll be going all the way to Trondheim in Norway. Not as in a cycling holiday, but more like a cycling holiday job which has everything to do with hiking trails, Pilgrims, Vikings and King Olav…

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Recent cycling stories


source meuse2018 To the source of the Meuse (and back via Luxembourg and the Vennbahn)

And there it was, 1171 km down the road and 409 meters up: la source de la Meuse, a small and modest spring from which the mighty river originates.



Monster Nessie2018 Scotland on two wheels

Guess who was waiting for us on the beach when we come home from Scotland? Nessie! He swam all the way here...



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My name is Gea van Veen. I am 45 years old and live with Remy on the coast of South-Holland. On this site you will find a record of one of my great passions: cycling holidays.

I would like to thank Ania Lentz-Michaelis and Remy Bosch for translating it specially for my Danish and Japanese friends, and all the other who prefer English.

For building this website, I would like to thank Joris Lange of Smart Joomla Websites. He was my navigator along the digital roads of a html landscape.

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