We'll be cycling along Meuse & Moselle from August 3rd till August 26th and we will post here our cycling stories. Follow us by subscribing to our newsletter and/or follow us on Instagram.

Strandweg, Ter HeijdeNothing is greener then the Meuse,
banks, reeds and poplar.
When one is back again
from far away mountains and rivers,
nothing is greener then the Meuse.
- J.W.F. Werumeus Buning

We’re home again! One day earlier then expected, after 23 days and 1758 kilometers. Even though the route we chose wasn’t the most spectacular we’ve traveled and we had head wind most of the time regardless the direction we went(!), we still enjoyed our trip immensely. Only we hit snag or rather the gear hub of Remy’s bicycle…

Bourbonneles-BainsIt's the unknown around the corner, that turns our wheels
- Heinz Stucke

Nothing feels so good, as yawning wide and open, when you think nobody’s watching. You shouldn’t do that when you’re racing down a hill with 40km an hour though. That gaping hole is one big fly trap with plenty of room for anything that flies. I’m not sure what I caught, but Remy suggested that it might be a big dung fly - we were cycling through an agricultural area - and for it’s size and taste he just might be right. It tasted very bad. On the plus side I have enough proteins for the coming days. Bon appétit!

img 3564Adieu, Meuse endormeuse et douce à mon enfance,
Qui demeures aux près, où tu coules tout bas.
Meuse, adieu : j'ai déjà commencé ma partance
En des pays nouveaux, où tu ne coules pas.
- Charles Péguyi

Well… there it was, 1171 km down the road and 409 meters up: la source de la Meuse, a small and modest spring from which the mighty river originates.
The end of part one.

img 3358Sitting on the bank of the Meuse
looking at the sky
The city noise a void
man transcends itself

- Jules Deelder

Ever walked or cycled through the Ardennes without climbing? It’s possible! The cycle route through the valley of the Meuse offers a near shallow crossing of the Ardennes along the Meuse.

img 3042Were here on the bank af a mighty river
The other side is over there, and this one is here
The bank we're not on is called across the river
That becomes this side when we land there.

 - Dr. P. (listen here on YouTube in Dutch)

Anyhow, after 15 ferries....
We're getting dizzy!

Thinking of Holland

I see broad rivers
slow flowing,
through never ending lowlands...
    - Hendrik Marsman

No, it is not a typing error, the Main has been changed in the Meuse. I had a friend of mine on the phone last week and told her that we would be sitting in a bus next Saturday for 15 hours to Bayreuth, where our route begins. Then it just hit me... Fifteen hours in the bus with this heat!! I'm sure it has airco, but still... How terrible it must be! A melting Remy next to me or see myself drowning in my own sweat...