I have learnt a new Norwegian word! Romjul, which is a Norwegian term for the period between Christmas and New Year. On Facebook and Insta, I see people frequently wishing each other 'god romjul'. For Norwegians, it is a time of rest and relaxation, being with family and friends, and not being disturbed by the outside world. A time to recharge and reset for the new year. I suggest introducing that in the Netherlands too. If only as an excuse to be lazy. Now we need to come up with a nice Dutch translation...

But Romjul or not, we are working hard here. Even at Christmas, we were both in the office, although I still made time for a Christmas dip..

A new guide and an app

The reason for our hard work, is the deadline for a new cycling guide AND an app. This time, Remy gives me a hand with collecting and checking accommodations, supermarkets and bike shops. I'll tell more about the app in the next newsletter. This time it is an English translation of the guide of Het Olavspad (Dutch name for the Gudbrandsdalsleden), my first guide. The pilgrims' organization in Norway, asked if there could be an English translation of the cycling guide and the hiking guide (by Ria Warmerdam). They are currently being finalized, and both guides will be published in February. Just in time for the big pilgrim fair in Hamburg on Saturday, February 17th.
At least, if I manage to finish in time! And that's the reason I enlisted Remy's help. And that family and friends are not hearing from me at the moment (sorry!). And that Christmas 2023 looked like this:

img 5383

Fairs and lectures

img 5358Talking about fairs... the last weeks of winter are filled with no less than three fairs in a row and a number of lectures, spread across the country. Here is an overview of the fairs. The lectures are all in Dutch and therefore not mentioned. However, if you are interested, please visit viagaia.nl.

  • Saturday, February 17, 2024: present with stand in the 'Nordic corner' of the Pilger-Messe (pilgrims' fair) in Hamburg, also presentation of the English translations of the guides by Ria Warmerdam and me (Gudbrandsdalsleden).
  • February, 23, 24 and 25, 2024 at the Cycling and Hiking Fair Utrecht: three days present with a stand and two lectures.
  • March, 2 and 3 2024 at the Cycling and Hiking Fair in Gent, Belgium: present with a stand and two lectures.


Next spring, Remy and I would like to cycle in England. Of the route Cycling around the Channel, we will cycle the part along the English south coast. We will save the part along the French north coast for next time.

So far!
Remy and I wish you all a beautiful and healthy new year. We are now going to do some romjul a few more hours.

img 5345