Kitesurfers bij de ZandmotorO bicycle, you are
Source of all my joy;
O bicycle, you are
Life in eternity
Ride, ride
All the time;
Ride, ride
All the time;
Winning, losing, winning, losing
The horizons are from eternity

From: Fietstocht (Bicycle trip) van Paul van Ostaijen, April 2015

“You see? The Netherlands is beautiful as well!”
I get this phrase a lot when I upload any pictures to Instagram and/or Facebook of a bicycle trip in our neighborhood.
Like I had claimed otherwise…
Like I need convincing...
But dear people, there’s no need. It's preaching to the choir. In other words, I’m very much aware of how wonderful the Netherlands are since I’ve cycled a lot of kilometers here. I love cycling in the Netherlands. All the more reason to explore other parts of the world as well. But not now.

Today, Remy and I would have gone on a trip to the south of Norway. Remy would return home after three weeks and I would have stayed until the end of augustus to work on the bicycle route In the footsteps of the holy Olav.
It won’t surprise you that this project is postponed. Best case, only one year. Weather or COVID-19 notwithstanding...

After my announcement of my cycling plans earlier this year, I suddenly had a lot of new registrations for the newsletters. Apparently there’s no shortage of interest for the route and cycling holidays in Scandinavia. This was apparent during the cycling and hiking fair at the end of February where the flyers flew away.
I would have been dotting the i’s in the coming months, but that’s not happening at the moment. Once tourists are welcome in Sweden and it’s safe, I’ll be off with car and bicycle. Norway won’t be possible since Dutch tourists are not welcome there up to augustus 20th.
For those cyclists who are interested: if you’d like to cycle parts of the routes this Summer or the next, you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You’ll get the gps-tracks and some information. If you provide feedback and possibly some pictures and videos for the route guide and the website (with credits of course), you get a discount on the three-part route guide. Do keep the measures against COVID-19 in mind.

Ter Heijde aan ZeeAs for the holiday plans of Remy and me: Remy retracted his leave and apart from the possibility I might go to Sweden, we’ll be cycling through the wonderful Netherlands this summer where we’ll join the e-bike traffic-jam.

Kind regards,
Remy & Gea