This will be a database of bicycle routes that you can download for free as a GPX file. The routes are cycled by me and edited to make it suitable for uploading to your GPS device or smartphone.

The GPX tracks can be edited and modified in the gpx editor of

In 2019 more and more routes will be posted.

Lake IJssel Route400 kilometers around Lake IJssel

The Lake IJssel (IJsselmeer) is a closed off inland bay in the central Netherlands bordering the provinces of Flevoland, North Holland and Friesland. It measures 1,100 km2 (420 sq mi) with an average depth of 5.5 m (18 ft). The river IJssel flows into the IJsselmeer. (The first two letters of the name are capitalized because IJ is a digraph or even a ligature in Dutch, so it is treated as a single letter).
In earlier times the IJsselmeer was called Zuiderzee.
More information over the lake can be found on Wikipedia.

The route consists of three LF routes: LF21 from Amsterdam to the Afsluitdijk, LF22 from the Afsluitdijk to Kamper and LF 23 from Kampen to Amsterdam.

Download the GPX-track here.

maasrouteFrom the mouth to the source of the Meuse

We cycled this route in August 2018. We used the book The Internationa Meuse Route by Paul Benjaminse. However, this does not describe the Dutch part. In the Netherlands we cycled the LF 12. Information about this route can be found on the website of Nederland Fietsland.

The Meuse Route is not finished at the time of writing (autumn 2018). In France people are busy with constructing various cycle paths along the Meuse. In a number of places we have deviated from Benjamins' route to cycle over some new cycle paths.

Download the GPX-track here.

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