duindoorn"It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels"
Heinz Stucke

I was asked today if I ever get tired of cycling (apart from the obvious). This question was asked before a number of times and the answer won't surprise you: No, because cycling to me is not purpose, but a means to an end. A means to discover the world, to be outside, to exercise and keep myself fit and healthy. Because I'm lazy by nature and not competitive at all. Competitive sports are wasted on me. I'd rather spend my time in a creative way (play music and writing) and discover the world (being outside, traveling). But since exercise and health are very important, I try to combine the necessities of life with something enjoyable. Recently I made it my occupation (cycling and writing).

As I cycle away from home early in the morning, it's not because I want to cycle, but because I want to be outside. To be fit and healthy. To feel the sun, rain and wind on my cheeks. To start a day of work refreshed.
There are other means: inline skating, skating, riding a kick scooter, swimming in the sea or walking. I'm sure I forgot a few. Inline skating, skating and riding a kick scooter are something I'm not so good at (read: I'm clumsy with those), so they are dropped. Swimming in the autumn, winter and spring is too cold for me (respect to the whole-year-roud-swimmers!). I like walking very much and would have been my preferred mode of transport if it weren't for my hip and toe that start hurting after walking for a while.

So, that leaves the bicycle. The convenience of a bicycle is that it is multi-purpose. Shopping, going from A to B, and transport stuff that won't fit in a car...

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Home improvement in 2012. Almost anything for our house longer than 2 meters was transported by bicycle.

Even on holiday, our bicycles are a means to an end.
As I step on the bicycle early in the morning, I can't wait to see what the day holds for us in terms of the unknown and the unexpected. Discovering a country from behind a piece of glass is impossible for me - or at least very limiting. To stay put at some house, hotel or camping for days on end, feels to me like being stuck.

Bicycle racing

As such, cycling is not a sport, but in many respect a perfect way to achieve a lot. As you might guess, a bicycle race is not for me. Still, people tend to assume I'm glued to the TV watching the Tour de France many times.
To start with the last bit: watching sports on TV is simply not for me. I just don't have the patience. I know, I belong to a minority on this planet. Luckily Remy is with me on this one.
I tried race cycling in the past which went something like this: "hmm...  I shouldn't ride so fast, because I can't see anything beside the road in front of me". And: "If I can mount a small cart behind it, I can go on a cycling holiday with it".
So much for my race cycling career. No, I'd be too much occupied by surviving on the flimsy piece of metal or carbon and constantly be on alert to make sure I don't hit something (or someone). For that reason al the wonderful views would be lost on me except for the view of the persons ass in lycra before me...