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Annie Kopchovsky“Emancipation is: Sitting behind the steering wheel of your life." - Máxima Zorreguieta (speech 2014, Eindhoven NL)

It was 1894. At a time when numerous global adventures were taking place, Annie Kopchovsky from Boston wanted to prove that women were just as capable as men at achieving great feats. She decided to settle a wager about whether a woman could cycle around the world like Brit Thomas Stevens had about 10 years previously, and aimed to complete a circumnavigation in 15 months.

After learning to ride a bike two days earlier, and wearing a long skirt of the time, Annie waved goodbye to her young family and rode off on a 19kg women's bicycle on June 27, 1894. She carried with her only a change of clothes, a pistol and a placard advertising Londonderry Spring Water; this was part of a sponsorship deal where she also altered her name to Annie Londonderry…


Kitesurfers bij de ZandmotorO bicycle, you are
Source of all my joy;
O bicycle, you are
Life in eternity
Ride, ride
All the time;
Ride, ride
All the time;
Winning, losing, winning, losing
The horizons are from eternity

From: Fietstocht (Bicycle trip) van Paul van Ostaijen, April 2015

“You see? The Netherlands is beautiful as well!”
I get this phrase a lot when I upload any pictures to Instagram and/or Facebook of a bicycle trip in our neighborhood.
Like I had claimed otherwise…
Like I need convincing...
But dear people, there’s no need. It's preaching to the choir. In other words, I’m very much aware of how wonderful the Netherlands are since I’ve cycled a lot of kilometers here. I love cycling in the Netherlands. All the more reason to explore other parts of the world as well. But not now.

hamping"Camping out?? But the toilet buildings are closed on all campsites!"
"Yes, we have our private toilet"
"We going to camp out in our garden..."
I thought our neighbours wouldn't be surprised by our undertakings by now, but I had that wrong.
Ik don't think we're boring neighbours...