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noorwegen olavspad2022 Norway and Sweden

For the fourth consecutive year I am working on new cycling routes in Scandinavia. Read all about these routes and how they came about.


noorwegen olavspad2021 Sweden and Norway

Last summer I cycled through Sweden and Norway for a continuation of the bicycle route The St. Olav's Way. And that was hard work...


St. Olavs fietsroute Noorwegen2020 Norway

Read the story behind the development of the Dutch bicycle guide of the St. Olav's Way here. The guide is now in print and will be available from May 8th. Pre-order? Go to the Via Gaia website.
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zk j homepage2019 On two wheels through South-Korea and Japan

Oh, little snail
Slowly, but gradually
You climb, mount Fuji

According to the eighteenth century Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa everything is possible as long as you take the time for it to do it. Even a humble snail can climb mount Fuji - the highest mountain of Japan.



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