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zk j homepageOh, little snail
Slowly, but gradually
You climb, mount Fuji

According to the eighteenth century Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa everything is possible as long as you take the time for it to do it. Even a humble snail can climb mount Fuji - the highest mountain of Japan.



logo olavsleden2019 On two wheels with King Olav

In 1030 King Olav went to war from Sweden to Norway along the route that is now called St. Olavsleden. On July 29 a battle with a peasant army near Stiklestad cost him his life.
If Olav knew this would be a cycling route at some point in the future, he might have chosen a route that was not so steep and rough. But maybe he was not only a warlord, but also a nature lover.



source meuse2018 To the source of the Meuse (and back via Luxembourg and the Vennbahn)

And there it was, 1171 km down the road and 409 meters up: la source de la Meuse, a small and modest spring from which the mighty river originates.


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