Cycling to Berlin, Prague and further


Berlin & PragueAccount of my holiday, Juny 13th to August 7th, 2010

  • Total distance: 3621 km.
  • Number of countries: 5. Namely: Holland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria. Though Poland was only for an hour.
  • Number of bicycle routes: 10. Namely: Europaradweg (R1), Oder-Neißeradweg, Spreeradweg, Elberadweg, Moldauradweg, Donauradweg, Althmülradweg, Liebliches Taubertal, der Klassiker, Mainradweg en Rheinradweg
  • Steepest climb: 16% (Austria), unless there was a steeper one somewhere secretly).
  • Number of marriage offers: 3
  • Number of refusals: 3
  • Number of books read (not counting route guides and tourist information): 4. Yes truly, only 4, I counted them again!
  • Number of flats: 0
  • Other bicycle repairs: 0, except for a few small ones, easy to solve.
  • Bodily ailments: 1 sprained an ankle (in the Czech Republic, I slipped off the pavement, via the kerb, onto the road), 1 deep cut on my lower leg (yesterday, caught by the chain, a much too long and nasty story), large bump on my forehead (kitchen cupboard at a camp-site, a week ago) and a bit of ‘flu (two weeks ago). And... Saddle Sores. With capital letters. Only after Prague did it get a bit better but it kept coming back. Anyway, I’m very glad I got home safe and sound.