Thinking of Holland

I see broad rivers
slow flowing,
through never ending lowlands...
    - Hendrik Marsman

No, it is not a typing error, the Main has been changed in the Meuse. I had a friend of mine on the phone last week and told her that we would be sitting in a bus next Saturday for 15 hours to Bayreuth, where our route begins. Then it just hit me... Fifteen hours in the bus with this heat!! I'm sure it has airco, but still... How terrible it must be! A melting Remy next to me or see myself drowning in my own sweat...

And when I read an e-mail of my cycling niece with her family (No, it doesn't run in the family. We're the only holiday cyclists), that she'll 'just' be cycling through the Netherlands, I knew it for sure: we start cycling from home!
Convincing Remy was a peace of cake. No need to frighten him with the thought of melting in the bus, since he was already showing signs of a meltdown. The bustrip was canceled (and we got vouchers) and a new route was chosen. All the cards were on the table again.

Routeboekjes Maas- en Moezelroute
Now this is the plan, for as long as it is not changed....
- Tomorrow we start cycling along the "Maasfietsroute" (Cycling route along the Meuse). This goes from Hook of Holland to Langres in France
- From Langres we go to Metz
- From Metz we follow the "Mosel-Radweg" along the Moselle to Koblenz
- From Koblenz we follow a small part of the Rhine until Bad Godesberg (South of Bonn)
And if we have some time left:
- From Bad Godesberg we go west over the "Wassenburgerroute" to Düren to hop on the "Grünroute" to the Netherlands

It is hard to guess how long it will take. There's no complete description or route guide of the GPS route along the Meuse. The Fietsvakantiewinkel (bicycle holiday shop) gave us an advice to follow the LF12 and the LF3 to pick up The international route along the Meuse of Paul Benjaminse from Maastricht. The total distance to Langres that I get is 950 km, while the website of the route along the Meuse gets me to 1152. That is a difference of two days cycling... So it might just so happen that our time is up as we arrive in Koblenz and have to take the train from there. But we might as well reach Düren or get further. But even now, it is looking more like a racing-tour than a holiday tour on a bicycle....

Here's the general route (click to enlarge). Red follows the Meuse Moselle and the Rhine, Blue is optional.

route augustus 2018

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Have a nice Summer!
Friendly greetings, Remy & Gea