img 3042Were here on the bank af a mighty river
The other side is over there, and this one is here
The bank we're not on is called across the river
That becomes this side when we land there.

 - Dr. P. (listen here on YouTube in Dutch)

Anyhow, after 15 ferries....
We're getting dizzy!

The nice part of starting a cycling holiday from home, is that you’re right on your destination: on your bicycle, under way, traveling, on holiday.
Once you close the garden door behind you, you don’t need to get in a car, a train or even an airplane. And still… cycling through The Netherlands feels like ‘we’re not there yet’. Just now that we’re near the border, it starts to feel like ‘vacation’. Remy started making pictures only after we reached Maastricht. Luckily I did make some pictures, otherwise these first days would be forgotten which would be a pity, because the Netherlands are beautiful and full of variation. Even if you’re just cycling along one river.

I have a feeling we had two Meuses. The one from Hook of Holland to Nijmegen and one from Nijmegen to Maastricht. The first stretch we cycled whole parts along the river Meuse. Mostly over dykes which is with this heat pretty heavy. From Nijmegen we nearly only saw the river as we crossed it, but we did cycled through more forests which offered us with some much needed shade.

In the meantime we stand on a camping in Eijsden. Yesterday we had an extreem social day (and all this with 37 degrees C!!). In Ohé en Laak we had coffee and lunch with Jenke and Machteld on a campsite. After that we continued cycling to Sittard where have two befriended couples and even in the same street. At Bart and Judith was a huge inflatable pool ready for us and it was fantastic!
Two doors down the street live Maria and Jeroen and there the six of us had a delicious diner. We stayed for the night at the place of Bart and Judith.

And tomorrow it is expected to be bad weather with a large industrial area to cycle through. Especially between Liege and Huy. Oh well, we’ll see. At least for us the Maas (Meuse) will go over in the Moûse (in Walloon) and we’ll probably go back and forth a couple of times over it.

Remy & Gea


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