Round-trip Capitals: Brussels - Paris - Luxembourg


For the first time, not a solo holiday but with my partner, Remy


Cycling to ParisDiary of the cycle holiday, May 26th to June 18th, 2012
A brief report in the form of e-mails that I sent during the holiday

  • Total distance: 1855 km
  • 4 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany
  • 3 cycle routes: ‘Van Gogh route’, ‘Cycling without borders to Paris or back’ and ‘The Green Valleys cycle route’
  • Number of flat tyres: 0
  • Number of other cycle defects: 1 broken chain (Gea), 3 broken spokes (Gea) and an untrustworthy rear tyre (Remy)
  • Personal difficulties: Mosquito bites that caused severel allergic reactions