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Cycle-route book: Fietsen naar Parijs : onbegrensd fietsen naar Parijs of terug : van Lichtstad naar Lichtstad / Paul Benjaminse

(= Cycling without borders to Paris or back: from City of Light to City of Ligh)


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Onbegrensd fietsen naar Parijs


Cycling in Parijs

E-mail of Monday morning, June 7th, 2012, 21.58 hrs.


Bon soir!

Fietsen in Parijs There‚Äôs Cycling and Cycling in Paris. I want to say more about the latter, although we left Paris again yesterday morning, a day later than we had planned, because we liked Paris. We wandered through Paris for three days, going with the tide along the Champs Elysees, tacking between the cars around the Arc de Triomphe, climbing to the Sacre Coeur and doing a slalom under the Eiffel Tower.
For cycling in Paris, you need two things: speed and boldness. In other words, do as the Parisians do (survival of the fittest). Remy was a little better at it than I , but I learned fast. We assumed an air of having the fullest right to cycle where we were cycling. By now we are sure that you can explore Paris best on a bike, getting anywhere quickly and easily.
In my previous mail, I wrote that we wanted to visit the Louvre and climb the Eiffel Tower. Both were doomed. I was namely the happy recipient of mosquito bites. So what? ... you may say. Well, I have now realised that mosquitoes and other stinging creatures in capital cities are very dangerous for me. In Copenhagen, I got an enormous left calf and an enormous right thigh from them and in Prague, such a swollen left foot that my Tefa-sandal disappeared in it, and now it was both calves, my left hand and my right ankle. In short, I looked like a creation by Rubens, and was really incapacitated. I could only walk or cycle, standing hurt too much. If we had to stop anywhere, I walked round in circles. Remy thought it was good for slimming. So no Louvre and no Eiffel Tower because of the long queues.
Anyway, we left Paris yesterday morning in good weather and are now at a camping in Pierrefonds. Unfortunately, it rained today, but the route is really beautiful.

Remy and Gea

Cycling through Paris:

Fietsen door Parijs