Up to and including 2010, I cycled alone, but during this holiday, Remy literally cycled into my life and a new era commenced. Strange how life runs or rather, cycles.
In 2011, we both still went on holiday on our own, although I went with Remy for a bit during his holiday in Germany and he accompanied me in the weekends during my ‘World Trip’ through the Netherlands.

But now we are going to spend the entire holiday together for the first time!
We intended to go to Rome but, as we are rebuilding our house (yes, we are now living together), we wanted to save time and money and decided to do a smaller and shorter round trip: from home to Brussels, then to Paris and Luxemburg and back home.
And for me, ‘home’ is now no longer Zeist but Ter Heijde, a small village on the coast, south of The Hague.

Here again a brief report in the form of photos and e-mails that I sent during the holiday. I’m afraid I (now) don’t have the time to make longer ones, due to our rebuilding project this last year.
If you are planning to cycle this route and want more information, please send me an e-mail.


Prior to the holiday, I sent this e-mail:


Capitals round trip

E-mail of Wednesday, May 23rd 2012, 6.49 hrs.


Hallo everybody,

Next Saturday, May 26th, Remy and I get on our bikes to cycle via Brussels, Paris and Luxemburg and back home by the end of June. For a short while, no concrete blocks, plastering stuff, bending or tension springs, sewage drains or crimp connectors. Just two wheels, a saddle and handlebars.
As usual, I shall send an e-mail now and then (please let me know if you are not interested!).

We are following three (existing) routes:

  • 1st  stage: from Ter Heijde, via Brussels to Paris on 'The Van Gogh Route'
  • 2nd stage: from Paris to Luxemburg on 'Cycling to Paris and back' and 'The Green Valley Route'
  • 3rd stage: from Luxemburg to Roermond on 'The Green Valley Route'
  • 4th stage: depending on the remaining time, either straight from Roermond to Ter Heijde or with a detour.

The total length to Roermond is ca. 1500 km.

With best wishes,
Remy and Gea