Dear everyone,

We’ll be cycling again! Coming Friday we’ll leave for Scotland

The first sentence that I read in a travel guide was:
In Schotland there is no such thing as bad weather - only the wrong clothes. Words spoken by the (in-)famous Scottish comedian Billy Connolly.
It’s a sentence we use as well when people look at us in a funny way when we step up on our bicycle while it’s raining. Something which rarely happens by the way in the Netherlands (really… see
But on the other side, we know where we’re going of course so we’re well equipped with rain clothing (and mosquito nets!) for a cycling trip of four weeks through Scotland.

Asterix and the Picts

Good research is a vital start for the holiday fun…

Our plan

How we start is set in stone, but everything else…. We’ll see.
On Friday the 27th of april we’ll cycle to Amsterdam where we’ll stay for the night at uncle Jan and aunt Jennie. The next day we head for IJmuiden to take the night ferry to Newcastle.
Originally we wanted to take the ferry on Friday night, but it was booked solid because of a football match. Since we wanted to start on Friday no matter what, we decided to make a little detour via Amsterdam.
From Newcastle we’ll cycle along Hadrian’s wall to the west coast of England near the border with Scotland. From that point all options are open. We take Schotland rond (Dutch) with us. It’s a two-part cycling guide from Europafietsers (Europe Cyclist Federation) and we’ll decide on the spot which direction we’ll go.

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Warm greetings,
Remy & Gea