We're home for some weeks now and we can look back on a wonderful bicycle journey. Here (on the right) you can see the map with the route we traveled by bicycle. I'll gonna make another movie, but that's something for long winter evenings. I did make a trailer of one minute which you can view here:



  • Total distance: 2230 kilometers
  • Highest point: 462 meters (Drumochter Pass)
  • No punctures tires
  • Steepest inclination: 30%
  • On the list of driest cycling holidays: 2nd place

This year we have two bicycle holidays. The second is in august where cycle from Bayreuth (D) to the Netherlands along the Main, the Rhine, the Moselle and the Vennbahn. If you still want to follow us, you don't have to do anything. If you want to unsubscribe, you can click on a link at the bottom of the newsletter (but then you'll miss out on the trip to Japan next year!).

Scotland versus the weather

The first newsletter started with a quote about the weather and now I want to end with the weather. Just because there's so much to say about it...
Before we left we got the same reaction every time: 'Scotland is wonderful, but the weather...' and next:

  • It always rains
  • there's always wind
  • it's too cold in May
  • you have midges (where I grew up we mockingly called them Pitt-bull-mosquitos)

To us it sounded like the perfect country for a bicycle holiday, apart from the midges. Last year we survived England with 25 days with rain out of thirty. So...
But how lucky we were!
Who would have thought that we would get so little rain??? We didn't. In Scotland it self we only had to put on our raining clothes two times (other wise once in the Netherlands and once in England).
We were fortunate a couple of times to be on the right place on the right time while it started to rain: a couple of times on the ferry and at night. Other that it was heavily clouded or fog.
This bicycle holiday is on the second place for the driest of all our holidays! Our trip in Denmark in 2014 dropped to second place. The first place goes to our trip to Rome in 2016 and on the last place goes to our trip trough England last year, where we did have some dry days.
We did had a lot of wind and sometimes it was a bit too chilly. The first week was even very cold. I wrote in the second newsletter that it was 0 degrees during the first night. Now, I have to admit that we had extra clothing, but we were too lazy (= tired and cold) to get out in the middle of the night and get those clothes from our panniers on our bicycles. Well....
The next chilly night we did had our extra clothing and we zipped our sleeping bags together. That really helped to keep us warm at night.
All in all I think we made the right choice to go cycling in May. Even though it's cold, but otherwise perfect cycling weather. And we had no midges!! You do get them when it gets warm with little wind. And with the lack of tourists we can conclude that May was the perfect month. But maybe next year it's all different and the description above is no longer relevant, if you decide to go to Scotland next year. It's Scotland after all....

See you later!