1. asterix hadrianswall“This is the edge of the Roman Empire, where I watch for invading tribes...” - Felix, a Roman soldier

Billy Connolly did have a point with his comment on clothing. And no, we haven’t had any rain yet, but we’re freezing over here! For the first time in our cycling career, we’re cycling with closed cycling shoes and gloves. And for camping at the temperature of 0 degrees centigrade, our sleeping bags and thermal underwear were insufficient to keep us warm. 

But still. It is wonderful to cycle through England again! Sunny with every now and then a cloud and a chilly wind from the east. Lucky for us, we have the wind in our backs which helped us to reach the other side of England.

The last couple of days we cycled along Hadrian’s wall. This wall was built by the Roman emperor Hadrian in 122 AD on the north side of the Roman Empire to keep barbaric tribes from the north like the Picts out. 

We are now in Carlisle and tomorrow we will head north. We have 20 km to go before we enter the land of the Picts.

Scotland here we come!

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