You all probably know the road signs warning for moose. And everyone who's been in Sweden can confirm that, whenever you see the road sign, there's no moose in sight, wherever you look, you always get the sensation of disappointment, in stead of the elation of actually seeing a moose. I have seen them, but never near the road signs: So.... In conclusion: the road signs are meant for the moose themselves! Where ever they see this road sign, they stay far away from that area. The same goes for:

Playing pensioners on the road:

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Loose animals, a confused old man and an old woman who's not much wiser:


Happy mouse hunters without traffic insight:


Playing children, animals and angry old women:


Automatic lawnmowers:


Think about it. Have you ever seen them beyond such a road sign? No? Me neither!

So much for the road signs. There's much more to see as you cycle through Sweden. See the photo's underneath: endless forests, a lot of lakes and red houses, I cycle through a large part of Dalarna and the red color Falunred on the houses has it's origin there. Since the thirteenth century the people the pigment from leftover ore from copper mines. near the town Falun. Later they users this raws material in paint with which they painted their houses. The red shine comes from the burning of the fine grained leftover ore. This was mixed together with other paint-ingredients. You can read more on this website.

I'm very lucky with the weather. The hot weather is gone and it already rained a lot over here. But overall the weather is sunny and (comfortably) warm.

Got a tip on a place for wild camping, "On the edge of the village is a small beach, that's a wonderful place to pitch your tent. I camped there myself.", as told by a Swedish cyclist I met. As I arrived at the spot it reals was a wonderfull place. A small beach, a dock from which you can jump in the water, picknick tables.... And right at the edge of a village. Or rather, just inside the village. I would be standing in view of at least three houses. It was eight 'o clock already and cycled further than I had planned. And what I could handle. I was pretty much finished. Of course I could not pitch my tent here! So, I decided to eat first and then continue for a bit.
"Are you going to camp here?" A few villagers just had a swim and were coming out of the water.
"It was recommended to me, but I see it's not possible here since it's in view of half the village" (yes really half the village, since it had six houses).
"But of course you can pitch your tent here! It's done often. No problem!"
Well, if the locals don't mind, why not?
And so I got a wonderful spot under a roof so my tent would stay dry. In the evening I sat in a cross-legged position on the dock for a long time enjoying the sunset and the friendliness of the land.

img 0322img 0325

13bbb09e 8a73 4c18 a706 3e912b7e4c82P.s. I'm almost in Sundsvall. From there I'll be cycling back a week long to the car which is half way the route.

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