We arrived in Trondheim! For me the third time, but it was extra special to stand with Remy in front of the Nidaros Cathedral on the anniversary day of our eleventh year of our relationship.
These last days were very remarkeble and were marked with meetings, home made waffles, the last days of cycling and a few dangerous moments in our relationship…

The day we said goodbye to Tom and Janke got better as time went on. We made a little detour because I wanted to show the funniest gapahuk of Norway to Remy. A gapahuk is a shelter you can use for the rain and often can sleep in. It’s on the Olav’s Way, but the cycling pilgrim won’t see it unless they make a detour. We did took the little extra effort.

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We arrived near the end of the afternoon at the Hostel Nørgar Voll  of Joar and Magni and we got a warm welcome and home made waffles of Magni. he previous year I was here as well and it was grant to see them again and introduce Remy.

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After weeks of intensive following on Facebook we met Dirk. Dirk cycled all the way from Belgium via Sweden to Trondheim. He is now cycling south and we met near te place with the shortest name, Å. Great to finally meet face to face!

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“Look Remy, there is the robotic lawn mower that wanted to attack me!”
Remy walks to it as if he wanted to have a word with it. It’s not every day you get to see a monster that wanted to devour your wife.
Then I hear to my astonishment: “Better luck next time buddy!”
What!? If it weren’t for the fact that he toils the heavy stuff around on his bicycle, I would have continued on my own again.
The next day I was tempted to replace Remy for something better (see photo 2). It looked like he was cut from better wood. A day later I asked Remy to take a step back for a better shot (photo 3). He didn’t fall for it….

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The last Night before entering Trondheim, we would camp in the wild one more time. I knew a wonderful place in the ‘Troll Forest’, but to our dismay we saw little trolls running and playing around the camp fire. Or in other words, a group children… Some distance ahead was a camping, but we really looked forward to camp in the wild. Finally we found a nice spot along the river Orkla.

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For me Trondheim is one of the most wonderful cities in the world, as far a city can be called wonderful of course. I’m absolutely not a city dweller and rather not spend a lot of time there if I can help it. But Trondheim is an exception to the rule. I feel a bit like a city dweller as I show the city to Remy. We have beautiful weather and visit Kristiansten Festing, the island Munkholmen and the Nidaros-cathedral (sooooo busy!).

The coming week wil be a ‘work week’, because I have some meetings planned in the coming days. Monday afternoon we’ll be going to Ringebu by train, where the car is. We’ll leave Norway on Wednesday or Thursday and arrive home in the weekend.

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