img 0721A day after I sent the previous newsletter, I saw this sign. At that moment I hoped my assumptions made in the previous newsletter were accurate. Although… Someone on Facebook Wrote: “I got the tip to make sure to photograph them!” They’re actually very rarely seen since they’re so shy. In the whole area through which the route is going, but especially in Dalarna and Gävleborg, bears are present. It is the European brown bear. A small bear which mostly feeds on berry’s, roots ant’s and Mice. Humans don’t get eaten, but that does not mean they’re not dangerous. If it feels threatened it might well attack you.
I was ready and waiting with my camera for a bear, or anything else for that matter...

In the mean time I’m almost back at the place where my car is parked and I’ll just come clean about it: I‘m terrible at planning during bicycle travels… Very bad indeed. But this time I overdid myself in my disability to plan. I tried to do in one mont which I had planned to do in two months. That is, doing two routes. Originally I wanted to leave on June 1st, but Sweden and Norway were still closed at the time, I wasn’t fully vaccinated yet and I was still busy with the aftermath of the publication of the first route guide. So I got to leave on July 5th and I got time to work on the route until august 10. After riding over a month now, the route Oslo - Sundsvall is ready, But work-time is over and Remy will arrive in a few days in Oslo for a vacation in Norway, so I won’t be able to work on the route Sundsvall - Trondheim.

I feel very bad about it, not being able to finish the second route, but I’m very happy with the route Oslo - Sundsvall! The route is splendid and has everything from Sweden in it: Forests, lakes, Idyllic hamlets with red houses, A piece of the east coast, peace, quiet and wonderful weather. Okay, that last one was made-up by me, but as it happens I was very fortunate with the weather with a lot of sunshine and a few drops of rain. The route itself has also been check already! Hans and Elise a friendly couple, stepped on a tandem in Oslo at the end July reached Sundsvall recently. They too look back on a wonderful route. It’s great to see it being confirmed that the route is well-cyclable and beautiful.

I’m looking forward to Remy‘s arrival. Cycling together (parts of) the Olav’s way. We don’t have a predetermined plan since that’t not Remy’s strong suit either during a cycling trip. We’ll see what we’ll find on our way and where it will lead us. For us, it is the most comfortable way of traveling, because where the planning fails the adventure starts!

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