logo olavsledenTrondheim in Norway was in the medieval days just as important destination for pilgrims as Santiago, Rome and Jerusalem. The Pilgrims walked to the grave of the holy Olav in Nidaros, the ancient name of present Trondheim. Since a couple of years a number of routes are made accessible again for the modern Pilgrims.
One of these routes is the St. Olav's Way through Sweden. This route is 580 km long and a wonderful ‘coast to coast’ through Scandinavia. S:t Olavsleden, as the trail is officially called, is adapted for cyclists and completely signposted this Spring. The route goes over the countryside of Sweden and the Scandinavian Highlands and mountains of Norway to Trondheim.
I’m working on a cycling route guide for this route and publish it in cooperation with Ria Warmerdam, author of the walking guide in Dutch of this route and with Heidi Brimi, manager of Stiklestad Pilgrim Center in Norway.