If I have learned anything during my long distance bicycle trips, than that is not taking drastic decisions when you tired or not feeling too good, because everything can be different the next day.
Since I left Trondheim, I'm not as fit as normal. In the morning I wake-up with a sore throat an in the evening a go to bed coughing and a headache.
That half a day I wrote about earlier should have been one day and a half, but the English translation was already delayed and I wanted to move on. Sunday morning I sent the newsletter Remy translated for me and left with lead in my shoes I left the wooden hut in Vuku.

It isn't wise though to go out with lead in your bicycle shoes and especially if you need to climb a lot.
After five kilometers that seemed infinite longer and took me over an hour, my legs seized up. Standing next to my bicycle shaking. My motto is 'pushing boundaries on two wheels', but there are limits to how far I can go... It didn't occurred to me that I might be sick or exhausted, let alone to give up, because 'I'll feel better tomorrow'.
But now I made a drastic decision: Back to Stiklestad and deside what to do when I get there.
Fifteen kilometers on the way back was freewheeling and I thought about giving up and what that would mean.
To make a long story short: I'm on my way home, because by the time I'm better again I'll have no more time to follow the whole route by bicycle.
But I will finish this project! The route guide will be created because this will not end in Stiklestad!