After my last newsletter, I got so many questions that I decided it's best to answer them publicly.

Minou1. And what about Remy??

Well, we recently got a cat dragged in, so Remy has to take care of her!
What? A cat? You? Yep, a red feminine feline at the age of nine and listens to the name Minou. In the picture you'll see her attribution to the relalisation of the route. In all seriousness, the reason is quite sad.

One month ago Remy's mother died unexpectedly and that turned our lives upside-down, like going through a roller coaster. This meant that we had a lot to handle in a short time. Her administration, clearing out her house and being confronted with the care for a dog and a cat. For the (elderly) dog, we found a new owner. The crazy red feline animal stays with us (she is so cute!). If we're away for longer periods of time, we often have someone in our house and both our neighbors offered to feed her if it's necessary.

But anyway, I'm going without Remy. When pitched my plan to him, he was enthousiastic right away and even a bit surprised when I told him I would only do it if he was fine with it. "Who am I to chain you up in here?", he said. "If you want to do this with your whole heart and soul, then I want to support you in it". After his mother died, I told him: "I will stay at home if you want me to", but he thought it would not be necessary and wanted to see how it would work out first. We worked vey hard (with some help) and Remy thinks I can go without any problems and he's fine with it that the Holy Olav accompanies me on my trip.

By the way, Remy offered to translate the newsletters in to English as well. I like that very much since his English is better than mine. This do mean the English version will be sent a bit later.

vliegfiets2. Why by car?

Yes, this red bucket of bolts is the easiest and the cheapest way to get to Sweden. Taking your bicycle along in public transport is cumbersome to say the least and flying is more expensive (plus taking the bicycle with you is an hassle). Getting there is a puzzle, especially when I'm only cycling the north part of the route. If I would cycle the whole route, things would be easier, since I would start and end my trip in Olso or Gothenburg.
I also combine my trip to visit some friends and a car makes my a whole lot more flexible.

wandelgidsen olavspad3. Is the hiking guide available?

For the hikers among you: the Dutch, the English, the Swedish and the German guide for both Olavs Ways (plus other pilgrim products) are available online in the S:t Olavsleden Shop and are of course highly recommended.

fietsmethelm4. The viking helmet... it's a wrong one!

Yes, I know, the helmet in the header of the newsletter is not the real thing. Real viking helmets had no horns (see the image from the previous newsletter). But this helmet was my "trophy" from my very first big cycle trip in Denmark in 2007. Ik liked the idea to use this as a symbol for my new adventure. The photo next is from 2007, taken after five weeks cycling solo through Denmark.

Any more questions? Let me know.

Hej då! Gea