8703cfd2 e64c 4894 8595 ffa1e83cc98aAnd suddenly questions came from all directions (mail and social media): when are you coming back? How long do you plan to stay there? Are you not tired of cycling yet?
Like everyone at the same time came to realize that I'm gone for quite some time now. I am, that's for sure, but since my attention goes to developing a route, it doesn't feel that way. But I really got the feeling that I'm nearly done when Remy sent me a photo of my desk with the subtext that I am welcome to come back home. He actually sent photo's of both our desks earlier: His, with electronics spread around, tools, wooden boards, and mine full of I-have-to-leave-it-somewhere-stuff (pot-holder, coffee mug, more tools, textbooks for Japanese, wine glass 😳) "What are you doing?" I asked. "It's a surprise", he said.
I do wonder why a bar of soap, my toothbrush and an old bathroom mirror are on my empty desk...

Today I'm in Tønsberg, the oldest city in Norway. I have a cycling-break since it would be raining today and I have time on my hands.
One or two day of cycling, then I'll arrive in Horten, and then I'm done! Then back to Kristiansand by train, where I don't want to arrive too early, because the camping where my car stands is closed by now. I may stand there with my tent, as they told me themselves, but two nights feels like I'm abusing their hospitality.

It feels good to go home again. I long to Remy, making music, and swimming with Bo every morning. I can't wait to start writing the new guides!
And still... I'll be missing the cycling, being outside all the time, day in and day out. I'll miss Norway. The very friendly and helpful people. Always a wave or greeting while passing by.
I will undoubtedly need to adjust when I'm back home.
Sunday afternoon I step on the ferry and Monday morning I arrive in Eemshaven. And then a couple of hours driving home.

About my empty desk: I think those toiletries are there because Remy was afraid that I'll be smelling very bad when coming home after all those stories on camping in the wild...

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Camping Gon, Larvik. Gert was there as well, one of the test cyclist of the Kristiansroute

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Tønsberg, the oldest city of Norway and the town of the Vikings and St. Olav.

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