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Japan is famous for its technology. Look at your own home: much of the electronic devices come from Japan.
The Japanese are very creative inventors of many handy gadgets for making life easier. The warehouses were veritable playgrounds for us!


Socks for the legs of tables and chairsA shopping basket for small childrenThe umbrella can be put in a sort of safeAn ordinary corner seat?No...:A corner seat complete with table


Not only in warehouses – where we didn’t dare to take so many photos – but also on the way, we often saw things of which we thought: wow ... that’s handy!


This way you know where the train is coming fromA hyper-modern toiletNot only the toilet is mobile, so is the wash-basinHandy: many restaurants have windows or show-cases exhibiting the menuA waste of good food? No, it’s all made of plastic or wax. Real pieces of art. Choose something good...


Lack of space? The Japanese have their own solutions:


No room or privacy at home? You just go and practise your instrument outdoors!No room or privacy at home? You just go and practise your instrument outdoors!Still room for a house and a rice-fieldNo room for cars next to each other? What about on top of each other, then?Even the size of a racing bike can be adapted: a folding racing bike (see below)No room for an ironing-board? The iron in a bag, which, unfolded, can be used as an ironing-board