Japanese breakfastI just need one word: Oishi! That’s Japanese for ‘delicious’. We both love Japanese food, which is just as well, as it is very different from Dutch cooking. We eat a lot of rice, raw fish (sushi) and vegetables. Both at Chiaki’s and Eriko’s, the meals were a real feast. If only for that, we would have liked to stay for longer!
We regularly have a meal in a restaurant and let ourselves be surprised by choosing something which looks good. One can eat very cheaply here and we hardly cook ourselves.
At first we used to have chopsticks-cramp but by now we are experienced chopstickers and our own cutlery remains in the bag. Even (miso) soup is eaten with chopsticks, as the the Japanese do. Here one is allowed to slurp and in many restaurants, a wonderful slurp-symphony drowns the radio.


show-cases with the menushow-cases with the menu

Handy: many restaurants have windows or show-cases exhibiting the menu. A waste of good food? No, it’s all made of plastic or wax. Real pieces of art.


See here this glorious food….:

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