On the bicycle to Rome


Rome, Sint PieterspleinTravel report of the cycle holiday, August 13th to September 25th.

  • total distance: 2989 kilometres (grrr... just short of 3000)
  • cycled through 10 countries
  • 29 crossed borders
  • 19 kilometres up and 19 kilometres down (vertically that is)
  • Highest altitude was 2115 meters (at the Splügen Pass at the border with Switzerland and Italy)
  • 2 flat tires on Remy's bicycle. The first at departure time (in our garden) and the second on the camping in Rome.1 defective brake leaver on Remy's bicycle
  • Remy was very unlucky this trip since he also got sick for 5 days
  • 2 half days with rain.
  • the highest temperature we saw on a sign was was 37º C
  • and now we're going to look at 2494 pictures (0.83 pictures for each kilometre) A selection will be posted on my website in due time.