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E-mail from Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Buona sera!

From Pisa onwards everything changed. We left in the pouring rain for Livorno. It was the first time we cycled in the rain in Italy and the second time during this vacation. Remy seemed recovered completely and we we're both happy to be on the road again despite the rain.

Once we arrived at the coast just past Livorno ( brrr... what a terrible town to cycle through) it got dry very quickly.

We didn't really had any expectations of our improvised route. A busy road along the coast where you can take a peak at the sea every now and then if you're lucky. But if the expectations are tempered, things can only get better!


Via Aurelia ten noorden van QuercianellaPijnbomen


We're not disappointed. It's like entering another country: apart from olive trees, we also get to see orange trees and pomegranate trees. The slim cypresses are replaced by bombastic palm trees and cacti, singing cicadas for shrieking gulls and the light breeze made way for a tuff south-western wind. The oleander, olive and pine trees are (thankfully) still among us. We also cycle through pine forests every now and then and we get to see the sea too. Today we also made a small detour over the peninsula Monte Argentario.

But it is not only comfortable cycling routes. In general we follow the Auralia route (Veccio Auralia or Via Auralia to name a few) this road is quiet at times, sometimes has a cycling path or an adjacent road.  But sometimes you just have to hope it ends quickly.

On one of the more beautiful parts I heard Remy calling. I looked and saw Remy standing with something in his hands. "I found an iPhone!" And right after that: "it's from some Dutch person too!!
Fortunately the battery was still charged and later his friend (Paul) called to see anyone would answer the phone. That evening we made an appointment at the camping to return the phone to his rightful owner, Jan.

On the first camping at the coast our tent was right at the beach and so we fell asleep with the sound of the sea. As if we were home! This night we sleep at the sea coast again in the middle of a pine forest.

Even though the weather forecast wasn't that favorable, we saw the clouds hanging over land, but at the coast we escaped our wet adventure. Sun and clouds take turns, and it's around 25°C. In short, perfect cycling weather!

And Rome? We're getting there....



Remy & Gea

Bij het schiereiland Monte ArgentarioFietsen door een pijnbomenbos

Peninsula Monte Argentario