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E-mail from Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Lectori Salutem, Greetings reader!

Viva, viva, siamo a Roma!! We're in Rome!!

After a 2850 kilometers long journey and over 18 kilometers in altitude, we arrived exactly on 13:00 o'clock on St. Peter square.

Hereby we reached the tenth country* as well, so we have crossed the border for the 26th time.

The last few kilometers were hard.

The Auralia road we were on yesterday got more busy and dangerous. If I were to be a Mafia boss, I'd put my hard-stolen money in a bribe of the ministry of infrastructure to build a bicycle path along the coast. This way you'd have a wonderful bicycle route along the Italian west coast!

We set course to the left and cycled in-land. After a 35 km trip with the necessary climbs - the Auralia route was much more flat - we arrived in the village Tuscánia, were we picked up the original route.

I almost regretted this choice. Even though we didn't get higher than 500 meters, it was up and down the whole time. After every 300 meters climbing we went down 200 meters (about). For me these 100 kilometers were the hardest on this whole journey. Or was it because we hadn't climbed for a while?

But today it went fantastic! After 25 km of climbing and going down hill, we only needed to cycle down to end up just before Rome at the river Tiber. Along the river we continued on a free bicycle path and as our finish point got in our sights, the fatigue from the day before wore off.

Nearby the Saint Peter Square we ordered a pizza to celebrate our arrival.

To get to the camping, we had to cycle another 10 km back along the Tiber. We had a swim in the pool and are enjoying a cup of wine....

We stay for a couple of days in Rome and leave on Friday morning with the train heading north.


Remy and Gea

* Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy and the Vatican city.


Bij SacrofanoFietspad langs de Tiber naar Rome

From this point near Sacrofano it went down hill 
 / Bicycle path along the Tiber