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E-mail from Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Recently there was an item on Dutch television about cycling in Rome. It was concluded that it would be lethally dangerous to cycle there.
After three days of cycling through Rome and having it survived, we can state that Rome is the most unfriendly city to cyclists that we explored by bicycle. But to say that it is lethally dangerous to there, no we think it is an exaggeration. But you have to be an experienced cyclist and have an attitude. On the other hand there are some cycle paths, some if which you can reach via steep and high stairs. For the rest it's just go with the flow of traffic. And the traffic isn't that fast since it is too busy for that and as a cyclist you have the advantage you can squeeze your way through like the many scooters that drive there too.
Hereby we can hold our opinion that a city is best viewed from a bicycle.

That Rome is very interesting is something I probability don't have to tell you. We are a long way from having seen everything we want to see, so we'll be back one day.
I would have loved to quote Asterix and Obelix and say 'strange people, the Romans', but the Romans are not strange! We saw nothing strange. Well, maybe the way they park their car across the parking space, because of the lack off parking space. But that's not strange, but smart! Smart people, the Romans!

Fietspad langs de Tiber in RomeSo, we cycled a good number of kilometers and it looks like we'll reach the 3000km. What helped was the distance to the toilets on the camp site. The distance was 300m, which is a long walk if you really need to go and, how cruel - even Brutus would be kinder than that - there was a splashing fountain at the entrance! So we decided to go by bicycle which is way faster and helps the number of kilometers go up.

In the mean time we're on or way home. We could have opted for the plane, but makes the change very abrupt, too fast. Now we travel through the landscape once more.
This morning we got in the train at 9 o'clock and arrived just after 17:30 in Verona. Here we stand at the same camping we had a few weeks earlier. Tomorrow we travel from Verona to Munich. There we take a night train to Utrecht. We hope to arrive in The Hague around ten after which it is only an hour to get home.

Remy & Gea


Fietspad langs de Tiber in RomeDwars geparkeerde auto in Rome

To get to the lower bicycle path, you need to take the steep stairs / A special way to park a car