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E-mail from Sunday, August 28th, 2016

Lunchen in het ijskoude gletsjerwaterBuona sera!

We have arrived. In Italy...

And how!

Yesterday we went over the beautiful "Polenweg" (road of Poles) and the Via Mala with our bicycles. At the end of the day we were on an altitude of a thousand meters.

And this morning we cycled the longest fifteen kilometers of our lives. While going up I was thinking 'what Hannibal can do with his elephants, we can do with our little bicycles!' It was heavy with inclinations of 10%. But the views were so wonderful!

By the way, it was hot, which brought Remy on the idea to eat or lunch in the middle of a small glacier stream (see photo).

We were sitting there very comfortably until I started singing 'Edelweiss' out loud. That was a bit too much for Remy (he should be glad I didn't start to yodel!)

Around 13:30 we reached the border with Italy on the Splügenpas (2,115 m). Crying, I fell in Remy's arms. We cycled over the Alps to Italy!!

From the Italian border, we cycled the shortest sixty kilometers of our lives. It was our fastest and steepest descent ever with declinations of 12%. For me not very relaxing, but we stopped every now and then to admire the view which were magnificent.

We had two wonderful days behind us (which is an understatement).

And now we're sitting on a camping on the Lago di Mezzola

Those who cycled over the Alps greet you!


Remy & Gea


Uitzicht vanaf de PolenwegVia Mala

Uitzicht van de de Polenweg / Via Mala