E-mail from Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Hello everyone,

Finally it's going to happen, we're going to Rome on a bicycle!
Saturday morning on the 13th of august we step-up in Ter Heijde on our bicycle and we hope to end up in Rome around 20/21st of august. In the time in between we let our legs do the work, our arms give our direction a nudge left or right, and let our head rest for a while. That is our intention...

At first Remy wanted to go to Rome by train and cycle home from there around spring. He had numerous arguments in favour: No cycling with the sun in your face, wind in your back more often than not, you cycle along with the good weather and Italy is more beautiful around spring than at the end of the summer....
All true, but... for me there is something else very important. The difference is whether you'd be
cycling to Rome or cycling home???
Every day we cycle home. Cycling to Rome is something you do once in your life. It's that simple. I admit that it is something in my head, but still... Fortunately I could convince Remy and now we're cycling to Rome.

Vertrek uit Ter HeijdeLike-minded fellow cyclist ask us with whom we're cycling to Rome with. And they don't mean Gea cycling with Remy or vice-versa, but 'with Reitsma' or 'with Benjaminse'...
And this means: with which route? The route from Paul Benjaminse or the one from Hans Reitsma? These are the only two guided routes from the Netherlands to Rome.
Even though we could make our own route, or just see where our compass or the sun brings us, why would we re-invent the wheel for a third time? The choice was hard, since both routes are very beautiful according to the people who travelled either of them (but that's something any cycling route should be).

In the end we made a combination of three cycling routes:

  • 0. From Ter Heijde to Maastricht we cycle 'on our own'. Well, 'on our own'...  these days you can ask a routeplanner of the 'Fietsersbond' (cycling union) to make a route from 'a' to 'b'. We chose a route for 'easy-cycling'.
  • 1. From Maastricht to Bellagio (at Como lake) we cycle part 1 and 2 of Cycling unlimited to Rome of Paul Benjaminse.
  • 2. From Bellagio to Venice we travel with part 2 of Onbegrensd fietsen naar Venetie' (Cycling unlimited to Venice). Also from Paul Benjaminse.
  • 3. From Venice to Rome we thavel with part 2 and 3 from Reitsma's route naar Rome (Route to Rome from Reitsma). If there is time, we'll make a detour to Pisa between Florence and Sienna.
  • On Friday september 23rd we leave Rome by train and expect to arrive in Ter Heijde Sunday morning on september 25th.

Remy Bosch & Gea van Veen