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E-mail from Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Chers amis et amies,

I'm writing this email while Remy is cooking, that's one of the pleasures of our vacations: Remy's always cooking!

In the mean time, where in the middle of the Alsace. In Turckheim to be precise, near the beautiful town Colmar. Today, we went up and down to Colmar. By the way, the Alsace region is very bicycle friendly with many (separate) bicycle lanes alongside vineyards. Here, we follow the route with the fitting name ‘Route du vin'.

After the last email, we had a lot of ups and downs which is not only a figure of speech... Lorraine is very hilly and has beautiful sloping landscape. We thought it would be a piece of cake, but up and down the whole time is very tiresome as we found out.
Unfortunately my right knee bothered me again (my weak spot).

At first we would take a detour over a flat part of the Vosges, but because we were tired of the humps, we took the direct route: over the Col du Donon and the Col du Steige. Although it sounds unwise considering my knee, but it felt for me like the small climbs put my knees, my stamina and my demeanour to the test considerably. By the way, this doesn't go for Remy. He peddles on no matter what. No mountain too high, no valley too deep, no wings too hard and no rain too wet.

In retrospect we're very glad we did it. The route was wonderful and even though it was very hard, the coming went very well and my knee did not bother my at all. From a height of 820 metres on the Col du Donon, we had a magnificent view of the Vosges as a generous reward of the climb.

And the weather? We had rain on Saturday, but the last two days were very fine with a lot of sun, but not too hot.

Tomorrow we move on and we hope to reach Basel where we cycle to the east to the Bodensee. There we go southwards over the Alps in to Italy. But we're not there yet....


Au revoir!

Remy et Gea

Vogezen, Col du Donon

We had a magnificent view of the Vosges from Col du Donon as a generous reward of the climb.