hagibisBecause we get inundated by messages from worried people, we hereby send you an update.
The typhoon Hagibis reached Japan by now, but mostly reeks havoc around Tokyo (see Japan Times). We’re sitting more to the southwest on the island Shikoku.
Last Thursday afternoon we cycled along the south coast of Shikoku and the sea already started to get rough. To be on the safe side we decided to go inland and camped in tiny a park in the middle of the city Kochi (you can just do that...). Yesterday (Friday) we moved on inland and booked two nights in a nice hotel at the Gorge of Oboke. And there we are safe and sound.
This morning we had a long walk in a modest storm of almost 10 kilometers along the gorge. At that time there were still tourists in boats going over the water as well as kayaks and rafts. In the afternoon there was some rain, but not as bad as we expected. Tomorrow the forecast promises fine weather, so we’ll be hopping on our bicycles, hoping the storm didn’t do too damage.
In the meantime we enjoy the leisure of this hotel with its exquisite food and onsen (a Japanese style spa).

On the pictures you see the Oboke gorge on which the Hotel has a view on, plus some critters we encountered on our way. On the last picture you see our hotel, the white building on the right. The pictures from the onsen are from the internet, since I couldn’t bring in a camera to make pictures.

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