Another year passed
A travel hat on my head
Sandals on my feet

Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

(年暮ぬ笠きて草鞋はきながら toshi kurenu / kasa kite waraji / hakinagara)

If you return from a long journey at the end of October, your time to New Year’s Eve is suddenly very short!
Our intention to make a film about our trip is still an intention because we had a lot of other things to do as well. But.... we do have a small taste of what is to come. We have a trailer!

Trailer Zuid-Korea en japan op twee wielen

On some corrections are done, the photos are placed in order, and you can find maps of the route we cycled.


Just as the Japanese poet Basho from the seventeenths century we like to keep our travel hats (helmets) on our heads and our (cycling) sandals on our feet. But we have to be patient for a little longer.

In the coming summer, I’ll continue with my bicycle route guide again by myself in Norway and Sweden to finish the job - or at least a large part - which I started last summer (see St. Olav's Way Sweden/Norway)
Until that time I’ll be doing some research on this.

And Remy?
Remy, my travel companion, gives me a nudge, pulls on the break, or gives me a push. He’ll join me in the last couple of weeks. He’ll step on the train in the beginning of August to the north of Denmark and start cycling to me from there.

In any case we wish everyone a Merry Christmas a very Happy New Year!

Remy & Gea